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Dev Log #2: Village Generation

The last two weeks I have been working on the initial village generation, with buildings, crops, rivers and friendly NPC’s.

The map is generated using Perlin Noise and then crops are added, followed by buildings and finally bridges across the water. The houses then have some random items added to them, with merchants available from which items can be bought.

Typically roguelikes can be in development for years in order to create a diverse universe. The scope of these games can be huge like Dwarf Fortress, with extremely complex terrain generation, lore, player classes, religions, magic and vast dungeons. Being my first independent release, I wanted to create something a little more smaller in scope and focus on a casual roguelike that can be played in an hour.

The aim of AnnwnRL is to gather resources in the village, then descend into a 20 level dungeon and battle your way to the end without dying. This means I can focus on a smaller slice of a roguelike and polish that early game enough to be fun without being too overwhelming.

List of changes in this releases changelog.


  • Village map generation
  • Player death screen
  • Controls screen in main menu
  • Buy goods from merchants


  • Non hostile NPC’s


  • Fixed players and NPCs going outside of map crash
  • Doors generated on map bounds trapping player

The latest release can be downloaded from

by Richard
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Dev Log #1: AnnwnRL Announcement

This is the first dev log for @nnwnRL, a roguelike game based in the Welsh mythological world of Annwn.

This is an extremely early build of the game but features a lot of the ground work that I will be building on in future releases.

  • Player Character Movement
  • Basic Combat
  • Ranged Weapons
  • Player Inventory
  • FOV map
  • Basic Potions and Scrolls
  • Equip Items and Gear
  • Dungeon Generation with multiple levels
  • Scrolling map
  • In-Game HUD
  • Save and Load Game
  • Player Levelling and Progression

I am currently working on outdoor map generation which will build a basic medieval style village with friendly NPC’s. This will be made available in the next release.

by Richard
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