Fantasy text-based management sim

Before I kick off the devlog series of blog posts, I wanted to write a small introduction to my current project. It will serve as bit of context for my first real attempt at writing and releasing a solo indie title.

I’ve always been fascinated with text-based management sims, ever since I got Championship Manager 93/94 on the PC. If you haven’t played it before, it’s a Football (soccer) management simulation game, where you manage a team, buy and sell players and (hopefully) lead the them to glory (or get sacked trying).

By today’s standards it was pretty basic, but for the time, it was incredibly immersive and filled up a good chunk of my childhood. My brother and I would play into the early hours and any time away from the computer was usually spent planning the next big signing or formulating some new tactic to try out.

I am also a huge fan of the Fantasy genre, role-playing games, dungeons and dragons and everything in between. Having previously worked on an indie title that heavily used procedural generation and my love for ‘Dwarf Fortress‘, I hatched an idea for a game that married together some of these concepts and genres.

A fantasy text based management simulation game, which takes place in a procedurally generated world. The player will manage a fledgling guild, must hire recruits, take on and complete quests and grow it’s renown.

I’m very much at the beginning of this wild ride, with a notepad full of potential game mechanics as well as a rugged (and extremely basic) prototype. I’m planning on releasing an initial series of devlog posts that will introduce some of these core mechanics as well as their progress and screenshots. I haven’t settled on a name yet. The game is being developed in my spare time, but I’m planning on making the posts on a regular basis, it keeps me motivated and accountable.

I’m looking forward to sharing a lot more over the next few months (and quite possibly years).

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