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println!(“Hello World”);

I wanted to kick this blog off with a little introduction about myself and my creative outlet for games development, Destroy All Pixels. Initially this site will serve as a devlog for my current project, where I plan to share my progress on a regular basis.

Firstly, I’m Richard Patching! I have been developing games since I was a child and have been a professional software developer since 2008. I have a bachelors degree in ‘Computer Games Development’ but have worked predominantly in the web application scene, working with both large corporations and startups.

Games development has still played a huge part of my spare time and I’m constantly tinkering on open source games, taking part in game-jams and prototyping things that I find interesting. I have one commercial game that never saw the light of day, as I realised a little late that the core game mechanic just wasn’t that fun. Lesson learned.

I was involved in the creation of ‘Sol Trader’ a procedurally generated space simulation game, working primarily in communications and marketing as well as supporting the development through some additional programming.

I’m also the creator and host of the ‘Rust Games Development Podcast’, which covers games development in my language of choice, ‘Rust’.

In the next post I will introduce my latest games project which I plan to release as a commercial game, at some point in the future. It’s in a very very early pre-alpha state and I’m mostly prototyping the core game mechanics right now, using a mix of Godot and Rust.

You can find me on Twitter as well as my podcast which is available on all major podcasting platforms.

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