Rust and Godot

A blog post appeared on GDNet many moons ago titled “Write games, not engines”. This was before Unity, Godot and many other commonly used games engines ever existed. If you wanted to write a game, you would have to write a lot of the foundational code yourself. Often you would use some libraries and frameworks… Continue reading Rust and Godot

Fantasy text-based management sim

Before I kick off the devlog series of blog posts, I wanted to write a small introduction to my current project. It will serve as bit of context for my first real attempt at writing and releasing a solo indie title. I’ve always been fascinated with text-based management sims, ever since I got Championship Manager… Continue reading Fantasy text-based management sim

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Hello World

println!(“Hello World”); I wanted to kick this blog off with a little introduction about myself and my creative outlet for games development, Destroy All Pixels. Initially this site will serve as a devlog for my current project, where I plan to share my progress on a regular basis. Firstly, I’m Richard Patching! I have been… Continue reading Hello World