Dev Blog - Smelting Ore

Posted on February 13, 2017

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Smelting Ore Mini-Game

In my previous post I talked about updates to the crafting system through a number of a mini-games the first of which would be smelting ore. Inspired by a number of documentary videos that I watched on Youtube, I set about recreating a bloomery furnace style approach. The player takes the bloom from the furnace and has to hammer out the remaining impurities with a number of strikes. A power bar runs from 0-100 and depending on when the mouse click is released, determines how good of a strike it was. At the end of the mini-game the resulting ingot is given a quality rating. The ingot used in creating items will determine that items quality. Bad quality items may break in the future and result in refunds, repairs and unhappy customers. Exceptional items will mean that the players reputation will increase.

Smelting Mini-Game

I have two mini-games to work on in the next sprint before heading to EGX Rezzed 2017. These will cover managing the heat in the furnace as well as the actual crafting of a finished item.

The State of Alpha

I’ve been promising an alpha build since pre-Christmas and in hindsight that was way too ambitious. The game has had a complete game loop for quite a while so I was initially very keen to get a build out in front of people, but with such a small slice of gameplay at the time, and with the large overhauls of the crafting system, I decided to wait.

This week I sent out my first build to a number of close friends. The feedback so far has indicated that the game initially is a little confusing. With no tutorial mode or tooltips, it’s difficult to know what you need to do first. This has worked well in terms of getting players just try things out, click around the environment and menus and figure out what is needed in order to start working on items. It surfaced a couple of UI bugs and little snags when people don’t quite follow the happy-path that I’m so used to when doing my own tests and play-throughs.

The immediate things that are required now is a tutorial mode and some tooltips to help get players familiarised with the core mechanics. Once that is done I will be sending out alpha builds to everyone who is currently signed up on the alpha build list.